Giving people a voice. Important BVtv news.

Giving people a voice. Important BVtv news.

BVtv is now a part of The Beyond Vision Foundation. What’s that? Well, The Beyond Vision Foundation is a registered charity we’ve set up with Andrew Jackson, a man with vast experience in setting up and running youth charities as well as having no small measure of business acumen. The foundation is to run as a platform for a variety of charitable causes, one of those is BVtv. We believe people do need a voice, we believe there are people out there with the vision but not the means, with the desire but a lack of technical experience, with the drive to create but in need of training. BVtv will aim to address this. We’ve already invested considerably in infrastructure both business and technical and we are going to continue. We want to launch at least 8-10 new shows in 2016 which will meet the above criteria and allow us to work with small businesses in improving their marketing. As we grow profits will be directly reinvested. Invested in people, equipment, and development.

We will be launching a crowd funding campaign at the end of this week. Now, if you’ve been around independent media much in the last few years you can be forgiven a small face palm. There are a couple of things to keep in mind though. This funding drive is not aimed at sustainability, our project will continue regardless, this is about acceleration. Hitting our target will allow us to move forward 12-18months directly improving our output capability as well as allowing us to invest in tech and allowing more time to be spent solely on BVtv. We do know times are tough and if you can’t give, or simple prefer not to, please just share posts and links to the crowd funding page or our media. Everything you do to help is not only genuinely appreciated but also desperately important in developing what we believe to be a very exciting and potentially important project.

We’ve been asked about our remit lately, what are we “about” at BVtv. Well, we did outline that above. We want to be a solid platform supporting new talent, training young people to create and develop media, supporting and mentoring small businesses in their marketing endeavors, and of course creating interesting and informative programming. We fully intend to continue supporting “alternate news” items as well as any other subjects, niche or otherwise, we feel we can help develop. As an organisation we have no political stance nor an interest in editorialising. We want to help YOU create YOUR vehicle.

And the last bit of news for now? As some of you might know we are going to be launching our stream in early 2016. This will be a combination of live and pre-recorded shows and items. We will start off slow and easy but streaming HD video content is still an extremely expensive business. It was clear we’d need some support here and we’re pleased to announce that have stepped into the breach to become our streaming partner, providing the backbone for our live streaming channel. Mostly known for being a site with controversial content LiveLeak is still one of the top 600 websites in the world and as such has an amazing infrastructure. The support of LiveLeak has allowed us to think about options we were otherwise looking at delaying so a massive thank you goes out to all of the co-founders of the site.

Okay, that’s it for now. We’ll have a BVtv podcast showing up soon with Hayden Hewitt, Steven Englander, and Andrew Jackson talking a little more on the topics covered here.