BVtv Shows.

Here are the shows currently available from BVtv. More will be added very soon so please check back!

The Richie Allen TV Show.

Want to hear about the news the mainstream media refuse to cover? Join Richie Allen each Friday for a show which challenges the established paradigm and most certainly calls it as it is.

Genre: Alternative News.

These Charming Fans

If you’re a City fan and love the club then you really need to join Colin Manford and guests as they revel in all things City!

Genre: Sport / Fan

Richie Allen talks about BVtv and The Beyond Vision Foundation and the goals going forwards. Richie’s BVtv show, The Richie Allen TV Show, is released every Friday via YouTube.

Learn about BVTV in our first podcast. Hayden Hewitt and Steven Englander (partners in BVTV) talk about the project and where it’s going and they’re joined by host of These Charming Fans, Colin Manford.

The Hayden Hewitt podcast deals predominately with politics and society and contains some strong language and opinions.

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